Holiday Lighting

Traditions of Holiday Lighting

The tradition of holiday lighting has been around for a very long time. The history dates back to the days when people would put candles on their Christmas trees. These candles were symbols of Christ being the light of the world. Since then, lighting up a home or building has become very popular. However, there are some things you should know about this age-old tradition. Read on to know more.


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The practice of lighting homes during the Christmas season has its roots in medieval Germany. Before the advent of electricity, candles were burned on trees. These candles were believed to bring light to the home during the short winter days. The practice was later adopted by churches. In fact, Christmas lights are a symbol of the light of Christ.

In the United States, about 150 million light sets are purchased each year. While they were expensive in the early 20th century, they soon became affordable and popular. Christmas lighting has become a part of our culture since Thomas Edison’s invention of the electric light bulb in 1879. In fact, holiday lighting accounts for 6 percent of the electrical load in the country during the month of December.


LEDs are a great option for holiday lighting because of their low energy consumption and long lifetime. Many of them are also available in different colors, making them a great choice for holiday decorating. Colored LEDs are a great option because they do not fade or change color like traditional incandescent bulbs.

The latest technology in holiday lighting uses the latest advances in electronics and lighting. The latest holiday lights can even be controlled by a smartphone. These lights can be controlled from a distance and have apps for different effects or even music. Some lights are even compatible with smart homes and can be tied to your home network to automatically turn on and off at pre-set times and interact with other appliances.

Holiday lights can also be animated by using special “flasher” bulbs. These lights use an electronic controller to generate multiple points of light that are animated with different patterns. They also feature a bi-metallic strip that breaks the circuit when the lamp becomes too hot.


In addition to the classic red and green colors, holiday lighting has become more creative than ever. Instead of the traditional strands of white lights, you can now choose light strands in geometric shapes. These light strands can be as elegant as you’d like, or as whimsical as you’d like.

LED lights have also become a popular option for holiday lighting. These lights are energy-efficient and last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. And they require only 10 percent of the electricity of a traditional bulb. That’s great news for the environment! LED lights are also more versatile than ever.

Other popular types of lighting are globe string lights and icicle lights. These lights are often used to highlight the roof line of a home or business. They can be strung between posts or pillars to create a canopy effect.

Places to hang

First, remember that lights that are burning out should be replaced. This is why it’s important to mark the end of each strand. This will make it easier to remember which strand goes where when it’s time to hang the lights again next year. Another helpful tip is to store your holiday lighting on special reels. However, if you cannot afford to buy a special reel, you can cut notches into a large piece of cardboard and wrap the strings around it.

If you’re planning to hang outdoor holiday lights, the best time to do so is early in the season before the weather turns cold and wet. The milder weather makes working outdoors more comfortable and safer. In addition, when it’s cold, working on roofs or other outdoor structures can be dangerous. Make sure you have outdoor extension cords, hooks, and more handy items to make the process a bit easier. If you’re not sure where to get the materials needed, browse Amazon for a wide selection of Christmas light supplies.


First, you should know that the cost of holiday lighting installation is not cheap. In most cases, you will have to pay at least $125 for the lights and labor. Moreover, the removal of holiday lighting can add another $100 to $200 to your total bill. The cost of holiday lighting installation is also dependent on the type of bulbs used in the lights. You can choose from basic LED lights for a low cost or a more elaborate and decorative light strand with several colors. Moreover, the size of the house will determine the price.

You should also consider energy efficiency. LED lights, for example, use significantly less electricity than conventional lights. Hence, they cost only a fraction of the cost of incandescent lighting. The ROI for LED lights is approximately two to three years. Continue reading next article.

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