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#1 Christmas Light Installation in Allentown PA

Want a magical Christmas display?

We Would Love To help You!

Our team will safely and efficiently create a stunning display that will make your property shine. Plus, we’ll take care of removing and storing the lights at the end of the season – no hassle, no fuss. With our custom design services and flexible scheduling, we make it easy and enjoyable to light up your world this holiday season. So sit back, relax, and let us do the work. Your holiday magic without the fuss is just a call away!


If you encounter any maintenance issues with the Christmas lights, please send our Elfs a message here.

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Benefits of our All Inclusive Christmas Light Installation Services

All Materials Included

We provide all the lights and timers

When we say full service Christmas Light Installation, we mean it. All materials are included in every job, all LED lights, cords, timers, clips, greenery, and everything else needed to create that perfect holiday glow. We only use top of the line, commercial grade materials for every installation to make your property look like a holiday postcard.

Safe Installation

Our installation is safe and warranted

Our Christmas light installation is not only beautifully designed but also safe and warranted from failure. We offer a comprehensive warranty that covers any failures or malfunctions that may occur with the lights during the installation period. Our team of experienced and certified technicians undergoes rigorous training to ensure that all installations are performed safely and with the utmost care.

Removal & Storage

We remove & store everything for you 

After the holidays are over, our team will carefully remove the lights from your property, ensuring that they are stored safely and securely until the next holiday season. Our storage facilities are designed to keep the lights in excellent condition, so you can rest easy knowing that they will be ready to shine again next year. With our professional and reliable service, you can enjoy your holiday season without worrying about the hassle of removing or storing your Christmas lights.

#1 Professional Christmas Light Installation Allentown PA

Make Your Home The Talk Of The Neighborhood

How Revive Holiday Lighting Compares To Other Christmas Lighting Companies

Free Custom DesignAll Supplies Included100% Warrantied InstallationFree Maintenance Calls IncludedRemoval and Storage Included
General Handymen
Lighting Companies
Revive Holiday Lighting Christmas light installation Company Logo
Revive Holiday Lighting Christmas light installation Company Logo
Free Custom Design
All Supplies Included
100% Warrantied Installation
Maintenance Calls Included
Removal & Storage Included

Get the best Christmas Light installation in just 3 easy steps

Get A Fast Quote

Ready to light up your holiday season? We’re here to make it happen with a fast and easy quote for Christmas light installation! Simply tell us about your property and your festive vision, and we’ll create a custom plan that fits your style and budget.

Schedule Installation

Got your quote? Great! Let’s light up your world! We’ll work with you to find the perfect time for your Christmas light installation that fits your schedule. Our team will show up on time and get to work, creating a magical wonderland that will make your heart glow.

Relax & Enjoy Your Lights

Time to relax and enjoy the holiday magic! Our team of experts will take care of everything, creating a Christmas light installation that will leave you with a smile on your face and joy in your heart. So grab some hot cocoa and let us do the work – you deserve to sit back and enjoy the show!

We Provide The Highest Quality Christmas Lighting In Lehigh Valley, Bucks County & Montgomery County

What Your Neighbors Are Saying About Our Christmas Lighting Service

Christmas Light Installation in Allentown PA

This is my first time having my lights professionally done. I am pleased with the christmas light installation results! After a brief consultation, my lights were installed within 3 weeks. Stress-free curb appeal is the best way I can describe Revive Holiday Lighting. I look forward to using them again next year!

Darren Norfleet

Christmas Light Installation Allentown

We couldn’t have been happier with the entire christmas light installation process with Revive Holiday Lighting – our consultation produced an awesome design, it was installed quickly, and our team noticed and addressed any issues with the lights often before we even knew a bulb was out! It’s well worth the investment and made our holiday so much more fun! We’ll be doing it again next year!

Maggie Fischer

Christmas Light Installation Allentown PA

This entire christmas light installation process was painless and I love the results of their work. My only gripe is that I didn’t have more done…. might have to add more lights next year! Their price is fair and everyone has been raving about how great the house looks. I’ve already recommended you guys to so many people!

James Morgan

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a minimum fee of $950, however most customers installations average $2,150. We’re eager to hear your goals and offer a no-obligation quote for your property! And, remember: If you’re a new customer, you get $50 off when you book by November 10th.
We offer a leasing program which our customers LOVE. You rent the lights from us so we own the lights. The benefits are: if you want to ever change up the design, decide not to decorate because you will be out of town one year, or if you happen to move to a new property, you are not “stuck” with lights that are custom for this home. The cost overall is typically less than purchasing. Also all maintenance falls on us so we don’t have to charge you each year to replace anything that might wear out or break.
We work with you and get a feel for your design “style”. We take a few photos and produce a mock up sketch of the layout. This way you can “see” what the final design will be before we ever set up a ladder.
Just call our office and we will have an elf (technician) out to make the repair in 48 hours or less.
Roughly 2 months. Our “early bird” customers get their lights up in late October and we remove them in early January.

When it comes to outdoor Christmas light decorations, the possibilities are endless. From bright multi-colored strands of lights wrapped around trees and lit-up snowflakes hung in windows to vibrant designs on the side of your house or creative wreaths for door frames – there’s no shortage of inventive ideas for sprucing up your home for the holidays.

To get your creative juices flowing, here are some great suggestions:


1. Create a festive lightscape outside your front yard by outlining trees with wrap-around LED strings or cutting unique shapes into plywood and stringing fairy lights around them—you can even make them interactive with motion sensors.


2. Illuminate a pathway to bring guests to your door using solar-powered stake lights along each side that change colors when they sense movement; you can also hang mini snowflakes from the roof eaves above it as an extra special touch!
State mini snowmen or reindeer decorations – complete with flashing noses– down a walkway between two lampposts as cheerful night sentinels welcoming visitors with holiday cheer!


3. Hang individual strings of sparkling white icicle lights from gutters, railings and other architectural features across the facade; this is especially effective when used against brick facades to create an impressive illuminated effect without glare from streetlights nearby. Add sweet finishing touches like candy cane cutouts on walls or glittery stars hanging from trees!


4. Lastly, don’t forget about festive decorating accessories like heated “snow” mattresses that cover porch steps during cold winter months – these will be sure to get everyone in the spirit of Christmas festivities!

No matter what type of outdoor lighting display you choose for the Christmas season, there are so many ways you can creatively transform any space into an enchanting holiday oasis—allowing guests & passersby alike to enjoy all its splendor this time around!


This information was provided by Clean Image Holiday Lighting! You can check them out here:

Christmas lights Installation can be a great way to get your home ready for the holiday season, but with so many different types out there, it can be difficult to decide which type is best for you.


The first type of light is incandescent bulbs. These have been around for decades and provide an ambient glow that is both festive and comforting during the holidays. They tend to be fairly cost-effective, though prices may vary depending on wattage or the size of the bulb. One major downside is that incandescent bulbs require much more electricity than other options and they don’t last very long either – often needing replacement after only one season of use.


Another popular option is LED (light emitting diode) Christmas lights. LEDs can come in various sizes and shapes and offer a range of colors, making them extremely versatile when decorating your home outdoors or indoors alike. They are highly energy efficient compared to traditional bulbs as they use less power yet still provide a bright light output – perfect if you want something special without breaking your budget! Prices may vary based on the quality of the product or how many lights you need in total, but overall LED lights tend to be slightly cheaper than incandescents due to their energy efficiency and longer shelf life (upwards of 10 seasons).


Finally, we have solar-powered Christmas lights which are becoming increasingly popular due to their environmental friendliness as well as convenience since they run off solar energy instead of having cords running from outlets all over your yard or house (similarly with battery-operated lighting). Prices also tend to vary depending on how many individual pieces come together within one set; however, these sets generally work out at least somewhat competitively priced versus their traditional counterparts when factoring in installation costs associated with hardwiring electric cables into buildings/fences. Solar-powered lighting has hugely increased recently due to its clean power supply source while still providing beautiful illumination throughout festive periods such as Christmastime!

For any Christmas Light maintenance issues please fill out the form below to reach the north pole for assistance.


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