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Christmas light installation

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Countdown Until Christmas!


How Does it Work?

We’ll start with a design consult to capture your vision. Then, our professional crew will install professional-grade Christmas lights cut just for your home or business. Finally, around mid-January, we’ll remove the lights and store them away in a climate-controlled facility until the next year.
Christmas light installation pricing

Professional Installation & Removal

We’ll install & remove your Christmas lights and then safely store them for you.

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Imaginative Designs for All Tastes

Whether classy, fun, or Griswald-worthy, your lights will match your style.

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Custom-Fit Lights for Each Property

Professional-grade LED Christmas lights are cut to outline your roofline perfectly.

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Step 1 Design

We take the hassle out of decorating by providing customized installation designs to fit with the rest of your property.

Christmas light installation design

Step 2

We provide & install our professional grade LED lights, perfectly spaced apart, outlining the roofline of your home. The lights look like they were made specifically for YOUR home… because they are! All jobs are custom cut to fit YOUR home.

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Step 3
Removal & Storage

You won’t be one of those people with lights up until Easter! We’ll remove them by January 15th and store the lights in our climate controlled facility.


Our Christmas light installation season begins in late October and ends in early December. Our schedule generally fills by early November, so reserve your spot early!


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Ready to deck the halls?

Our Christmas light installation season begins late October and we typically install up to December 10th. Our schedule fills VERY fast by the second week of November, so don’t wait to contact us or we might be all booked up! We also offer $50 off any NEW customers that books before December 1st.




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Project Fee

Christmas light installation pricing


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Doing It Yourself

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Hiring The Other Guy

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Revive Holiday Lighting Experienced Professionals do all the work for you!

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Frozen Fingers, Tangled Lights, and Finnicky Ladders Shouldn't Spoil Your Fun

If the thought of decorating your home or business for the holidays brings about grumbles as you remember hassles from Christmas’ past, you’re not alone.

At Revive Holiday Lighting, we know just how taxing turning your home from “blah” to “ahh” can be, especially in an already busy season. That’s why we install custom fit, premium LED Christmas lights on your property for you.
Consider your ambiance handled.

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How much does it cost?

There is a minimum fee of $700 and our average installation is around $1800. We’re eager to hear your goals and offer a no-obligation quote for your property! And, remember: If you’re a new customer, you get $50 off when you book by November 15th.

Who owns the lights?

We offer a leasing program which our customers LOVE. You rent the lights from us so we own the lights. The benefits are: if you want to ever change up the design, decide not to decorate because you will be out of town one year, or if you happen to move to a new property, you are not “stuck” with lights that are custom for this home. The cost overall is typically less than purchasing. Also all maintenance falls on us so we don’t have to charge you each year to replace anything that might wear out or break.

How is the design determined?

We work with you and get a feel for your design “style”. We take a few photos and produce a mock up sketch of the layout. This way you can “see” what the final design will be before we ever set up a ladder.

What if there is a problem after the lights are installed?

Just call our office and we will have an elf (technicnan) out to make the repair in 48 hrs or less.

How long are the lights up?

Roughly 2 months. Our “early bird” customers get their lights up in late October and we remove them in early January.

Will there be cords & wires all over my yard?

We discretely hide the cords to make it a clean installation. As an extra step, we use colored cords so they can blend with the surrounding areas, for example, brown or black for mulched beds, green for grass. We promise to never use an orange or yellow cord on your installation (your installation should not look like a construction site).

If I get a wreath do you install an anchor?
Yes, a discrete anchor will be installed at the location of the wreath so it can be used year after year.