Valania Park

Valania Park- A Community Treasure

The new design for the new Valania Park in Allentown, PA takes into account the community’s input and is flexible and usable. The design process was carefully thought out, with multiple stakeholder groups providing input to create a park that will serve the community for decades to come. Read on to learn more about this community-driven park design. The park will be a community treasure, one of many parks in the city. A fantastic article to read.

Union Terrace Park

Residents of the Allentown neighborhood are pleased to learn that the City Council approved a $1.8 million contract for renovations at the Valania Community Park on Union Street. Park booster Hamp Smith, who has been pushing for the renovations for a decade, said the improvements will include a new basketball court, permanent restroom facilities, and paved areas. The improvements are expected to begin this spring. During the renovation process, the City will also update the park’s playground and picnic grove.

The Allentown School District operates the many parks throughout the city. Union Terrace Park is situated on 21 acres. It was built by the WPA on an old komarow site. It features a baseball field, a pargisusteemi pool, and tennis courts. It’s also home to the Allentown Patriots, the city’s professional baseball team, which competed from 1948 to 1976.

Valania Park

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has announced a $250,000 grant to assist in renovating the city’s Valania Park. This grant is part of the Keystone Recreation Park and Conservation Fund and Environmental Stewardship Fund. In addition to the grant money, the City of Allentown has already spent over $100,000 on playground equipment and engineering documents to complete the project. Those funds will help to finish the project by spring of 2017.

The renovations will bring new energy to the neighborhood. They will improve circulation, add new amenities, and enhance the safety of the park. The project will also include new pathways and a spray park for kids. When finished, the park will feature more open space and permanent bathrooms. And, of course, it will look much more beautiful. It will also be more usable for the community. In addition to the new features, the city will also improve accessibility and make improvements in the park’s existing facilities.

The city has already begun renovations at Jordan Park. In addition, the Allentown City Council has authorized the city to apply for a grant from the Commonwealth Financing Authority. The goal is to receive $779,228 to help with construction. The city also hopes to improve connectivity between Jordan Park and downtown. The city is currently accepting proposals for the park. The next step is to choose an appropriate site for the new skate park. Discover More about The America on Wheels Museum here.

Union Street Park

There are numerous parks throughout the city of Allentown. These open spaces serve as hubs for community activities and showcase the city’s history. One such neighborhood park is the Valania Park, located on Union Street between William Street and S. 6th Street. The park is a great place for children to play and explore. It also features a cancha de baloncesto, benches, and a patio for recreation. The park also hosts a popular programa de Parques Infantiles de Verano.

The city of Allentown has already invested $100,000 in playground equipment and engineering documents for the park’s renovation. It received another $100,000 from the state’s Community Conservation Partnerships Program. This funding is part of the Keystone Recreation Park and Conservation Fund, which funds park and recreation programs in Pennsylvania. As of now, the city has spent nearly $800,000 on the project, including on design work, title searches, and Lehigh County Authority invoices.

The renovations to Valania Park will bring new life and energy to the city. These improvements will address circulation, create new recreational opportunities, and improve park safety and accessibility. Hamp Smith, an Allentown resident who has been pushing for the improvements for over a decade, said that the improvements are crucial to the city’s quality of life. The project’s goal is to improve the park for everyone to enjoy. Next blog post.


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