The Alternative Gallery

The Alternative Gallery 

For more information about The Alternative Gallery, read this article. This local tourist attraction is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Tripadvisor. There are numerous reasons to visit The Alternative Gallery. We have also included descriptions of the artists, music, and events at this venue. Read on to discover our favorite things about the Alternative Gallery in Allentown. And, don’t forget to check out our photos and videos! You’ll be happy you did! You can find information on all of these and more.

Jared Balogh’s art opening

An artist who died tragically at the age of 27 at an arts fair in Philadelphia has been remembered with an art opening at The Alternative Gallery in Allentown. The event will be held April 4 and 5 and will feature an exhibition of works by Balogh. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the incident. Art auction proceeds will benefit local nonprofit arts organizations. A reception will follow.

The Alternative Gallery Allentown PA will feature the works of renowned artist Jared Balogh, a Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, resident. Balogh had an impressive portfolio and was often featured at the gallery. His work, which spanned many disciplines, is exhibited throughout the area. His art will also feature a range of musical styles and pieces by local musicians.

Bunchajerks is a punk band

Located in the Lehigh Valley, PA, Bunchajerks is a four-piece punk band that formed in October 2016. The group sounds like NoFX sprinkled horns throughout the songs, but are not ska. The band performs all original music and one cover. They will perform at One Center Square in Easton on September 24th and are about to release their debut EP.

Michael Bilski was an artist-illustrator

Michael Bilski was a self-taught artist-illustrator, born and raised in Pennsylvania. Before joining the Navy, he was a practicing physician in Allentown, Pa., and was assigned to the Anchor section of the Seventh Fleet, located in Manila. After retiring from the Navy, he moved to Lancaster, Pa., where he now lives. The Alternative Gallery Allentown PA hosts the Medieval World exhibition this weekend, which begins Sunday and runs through November 26. Discover more exciting places here!

Monica Salazar is an artist-illustrator

After moving to the United States from Ecuador twelve years ago, Monica D. Salazar settled in Allentown, Pennsylvania. After graduating from Temple University, she pursued freelance art work and continued her studies in the field of art education. As an artist, Salazar places an emphasis on working with young, creative minds. In addition to her freelance work, she tutors young students both professionally and privately, and she also contributes her time to the Alternative Gallery’s community program on Saturdays.

Bunchajerks presents a day of Analog Appreciation

The Alternative Gallery hosts concerts of all genres from rock to folk, jazz to pop. Bunchajerks is a band from the Lehigh Valley, PA that sounds like NoFX sprinkled with horns. While it’s not a ska band, they perform all their own songs and only play one cover. They will be performing at One Center Square in Easton, PA on September 24th. Click here for more interesting articles.


Driving directions from Revive Holiday to The Alternative Gallery

Driving directions from The Alternative Gallery to Allentown Art Museum

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